About Pam

Intuitive healer, Reiki, Angelic Reiki and
Flower Essence Practictioner

Pam Golden Light HealingPam Golden Light Healing

About Pam

An intuitive healer, Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Flower Essence practictioner, Pam works with both people and animals. She combines her energy healing with flower essences, crystals and homeopathy. She has a Diploma in Homeopathy, a Diploma in Crystals and Energy Healing, Level 1 of the Bach Flower Essences and has completed her training as an advanced practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences. She also taught dog training for many years and has completed courses in Cynology, Canine Behaviour and Canine Behaviour Counselling. 

sunflowers golden light healingsunflowers golden light healing

Passionate about healing, flower essences, animals and animal welfare, Pam is active with her local animal rescue association and lives among the sunflowers in France with her three rescue cats and two very special German Shepherd Dogs.

She opened Golden Light Healing in 2007 and helps her clients, whether with 2 or 4 legs, using a combination of all her skills and not forgetting plain, old, common sense.

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