About Flower Essences

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are infusions of flowers in water, usually left to infuse in sunlight over a period of a few hours, occasionally overnight. The water holds and transmits the life force of the flower, its vibrational imprint, which can become a potent force of healing energy.  The healing energy or vibration is identified by studying the signature of the plant and flowers, both intuitively and physically, to gain information about its healing properties.

Flower essences don’t contain any physical part of the flower, they have no smell or taste, if you were to chemically analyse a flower essence all you would find is water and the brandy or whatever is used, to preserve it.  They are non-toxic and have no direct impact on the biochemistry of the body.  They cannot be overdosed, if an inappropriate essence it taken, or the essence is not needed, it will just pass through the body with no effect at all.  Essences are safe for use by any living thing whether it be human, animal or plant.  They don’t work by chemical intervention and will not interfere with any medication or herbs prescribed by the doctor. 

How do they work?

Flower essences are not medicines or drugs and do not work like a painkiller or an antibiotic, they do not suppress or alter the body processes in any way.  The practictioner will not choose the essences on the basis of a physical ailment, but look behind the ailment to the mental and emotional issues of the individual. Working with the underlying conflicts and tensions that are contributing to the dis-harmony of the individual which results in physical symptoms of dis-ease in the body.  Taking a flower essence is not a quick fix, it usually takes time to get to the root of a problem and heal it. Several essences over a period of time may be required as the layers surrounding the problem are gradually peeled back and dealt with.

We all have negative thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, emotions and personality traits and these all have an effect on our health and wellbeing.  Notice the instant change that you feel when you think about something traumatic happening to you as opposed to something enjoyable, loving and happy.  The change you experience is the change in your energy field, long term negative thoughts and beliefs create dis-harmony and dis-ease in our energy field which then filter through into our physical body. Flower essences gently harmonise our energetic vibration to restore balance.

Who can use flower essences?

Anyone can use flower essences, including pregnant women, children and animals, they can be given to plants, put in the bath or sprayed in the air.  They are completely safe, have no side-effects, it’s impossible to overdose on them and they combine well with all other healing modalities.  They are very hardy, you can take them through x-ray machines and put them into hot drinks, even coffee, and they won’t go off or stop working. 

The range of problems that can be helped by flower essences is also endless and covers trauma, chronic, acute, physical and emotional conditions. For animals they are good for behavioural issues as well.  I often use flower essences when a new animal is introduced into the household, to help all animals and people settle together and I have used them very successfully for dogs with lick sores.

Flower essences come in dropper bottles containing single essences and some essence producers have a range of combination mixtures in the form of drops or sprays.  Often several essences are required for one treatment and I mix these into a dropper treatment bottle which lasts 2-4 weeks.

How to take flower essences

Flower essences are very versatile, they can be taken in drops from a dropper bottle straight into the mouth to hold under the tongue, or put into liquids like water or coffee, dropped onto food, put straight onto the skin, put into the bath, or sprayed into the air or aura.

For animals put them in their water bowl or on food, or drop them onto their tongue, rub them behind their ears, onto their gums or onto their skin. Or spray into the air or aura around them.

The information on this site is not intended, or implied, to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Flower Essence and Energy Healing

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