Distance Healing

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A Distance Healing Session

If you or your animal would like to receive some healing but are unable to meet with Pam for a session, all she needs for a distance healing session is a good photo of you or the animal, a full body picture if possible, with some details of age, where you live and some details as to why you would like the session.

Distance or absent healing can be a slightly weird concept to understand, but it uses exactly the same healing energy vibrations as when you and your animal are physically present.

How it works ...

Sometimes Pam is unable to touch an animal when healing, or the animal is happier not being touched, so she moves to a safe distance and sends the vibrations from her hands across the space between them, whether it’s from a few inches above the animal, to the other side of the room or to the other side of a field, the recipient, whether animal or person, receives the healing just as if Pam were touching them. 

With distance healing all she's doing is sending the same healing vibrations out across a bigger space and time to anywhere in the world.  Healing energy sent in this way is just as effective as when an animal or person is physically present.

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