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Dowsing for Flower Essences

Written by Pam, 30th March 2014

For many years now I have been using my pendulum to dowse for essences, this has proved to be extremely successful.  When I dowse I let go of all thoughts and judgements and consistently come up with relevant and perfect combinations containing essences I would never have chosen otherwise.  I now find that dowsing with my essences is like doing a reading as there is often a theme and they usually all fit together so perfectly, conveying a message that can be very illuminating, thought provoking and appropriate.

A couple of years ago I co-hosted a local Flower Essence workshop, the group had done a workshop on dowsing the month before and part of the practical during the afternoon was to dowse for essences.  We used Bach and Australian Bush Flower Essences, it was with ABFE that we had the most success, possibly because the ABFE essences are more specific and relevant to modern lives than the Bach ones.  I always dowse over the bottles but many people had trouble doing this, however they all found that dowsing over the Bush Flower Cards spread out face down on the table was easy.  It took a long time putting the pendulum over each card but everyone who did it came up with a selection that was perfect for them and some were quite amazed by the deeply buried emotions they (re)discovered.

Last year I dowsed for my dog Mozart, a long coat German Shepherd Dog.  For 2 years he had been licking his legs and in many places they were sore and hairless.  It started off with one leg where an IV went in for an operation, I managed to stop him licking that with a taste deterrent but he immediately started licking the other leg and licked up a large sore where there had been absolutely nothing before.  When he started on his tail I decided I had to do something different, so I got out my pendulum and dowsed .... I thought at first the essences that came up were meant for me, I was the one who had been going through stressful, major life changes, but the pendulum told me no, they were for Mozart.


Then it all fell into place, Mozart was picking up a lot of my problems and having trouble with the change in our lifestyle.  So I started planning my days to include more quality time with him, he came out with me whenever possible and I left things for him to chew if I was going to be out for longer than usual.  I also dowsed for myself and started working to reverse the negative situation I had created. Our treatment bottles were half finished when I realised Mozart was a lot happier and had stopped licking his legs. 

Without dowsing I would have probably chosen essences for obsessive behaviour but this would not have reached the cause, he was licking because he was having trouble coping with the changes in my/our life. Licking releases endorphins that make the dog feel better and so the licking continues. Mozart had always seemed such a “happy-go-lucky” dog it never crossed my mind that he might be stressed, often it's not easy to see the obvious!

In time the hair grew back on both his legs and I’m very aware now that when he starts licking the reason is often connected to me or another member of the family and reflects what is happening and how we are coping with it.

If I’m asked to dowse for an animal I will often ask if I can dowse for the owner too as we are so inter-connected with our pets we sometimes need to change something in ourselves to enable our pets to change in response. In the process there is always something for us to learn.

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