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wolf or dog?

French Law Changes for Animals

Written by Pam, 23rd November 2014

Wolf or dog? It makes a big difference as to whether he has feelings.

AT LAST, a new French law passed at the end of October raises the status of domestic and farmed animals from that of a piece of furniture to “living beings capable of sensitivity”. It’s a great and long overdue step forwards from the 200 year old Napleonic civil code which awarded pets and all aimals the same status as a chair.

So it's good news, but it doesn’t include wild animals like wolves, bears, wild boar, hares ... nor does it mention whether the "sensitive" nature of an animal means it will suffer from battery farming, or in the abbatoir, or in a laboratory.

However it will give animals greater legal protection and animal rights groups may now have greater success when they prosecute animal cruelty cases.  French law already punishes maltreatment or cruelty to animals, but convictions have not been easy to achieve, hopefully this change in the law will help.

It's progress but it doesn't go far enough, all animals in France need greater protection, it's ridiculous to rule that only domestic and farmed animals are capable of sensitivity. I wonder how a dog can be a living being capable of sensitivity but a wolf can't.... 

The eyes in the picture above actually belong to Skippy, a dog.  Skippy is a Malamute and he is now recognised by French law as being capable of sensitivity.  Anyone who lives with Malamutes will tell you they are closely related to the wolf, this is not the place to get into the never-ending debate about the closeness of dogs and wolves, but lots of dog training methods are based on wolf behaviour. The point is that if Skippy were a wolf he would be deemed not capable of sensitivity by French law and as a predator in the wild would be lucky to even have the same legal status as a chair.

Here in the 21st Century I know that all living animals have feelings and I believe there is enough proof and research to back that up, so I wonder why the French government is still stuck in the dark ages and is CONCEITED enough to believe that only animals looked after by humans are capable of feelings.

For the wolf below let's hope that more changes in the law do not take another 200 years!

Grey Wolf

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