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Healing Session

A healing session in my healing room: €35

Book and pay in advance


Flower Essence Consultation

Flower Essence Consultation for People and Animals, including personalised bottle of flower essences: €55

Flower Essences Without Consultation

A bottle of up to 5 flower essences mixed on request without a consultation: €30

Healing session for people or animals in your home

Healing session for people or animals in your home: €50 

Note: If travel is more than 40kms one way please contact me first for the price. Large animals to be treated in their stable/field.

Distance Healing

Distance Healing session: €30

Please complete the contact form below with some basic details of the person or animal to receive the healing, including name, age, area where they live ... I will contact you separately by email to ask for a photo.

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Remarkable Results

Pam’s skill in creating the perfect flower essence is almost second to none.  She trusts in her intuitive ability to connect with the right energies at the right time, and the results are remarkable.  The essences she uses are extremely powerful, and getting the right balance is an art in itself.  I can highly recommend her for her intuition, her healing ability and as a great all-rounder able to judge what’s needed and when almost to perfection.


flower essence testimonial

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Flower Essence and Energy Healing

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