Healing for Animals

An Animal Healing Session

Energy healing can help animals with all sorts of problems, from those who are very sick with life threatening diseases, in physical pain, or recovering from surgery or illness, to those with emotional and behavioural problems. 

A session with Pam is very gentle and relaxing and is usually enjoyed by the animal and everyone in the vicinity. 

For animals that don’t want to be touched, or are frightened or dangerous, Pam works at a distance, sending the same energy from her hands across the space between her and the animal.

Pam always encourages the people looking after the animal to stay for the session, sometimes animal problems are connected to the stresses and concerns of the people around them and it’s helpful to have them both together.

If she feels that a separate session for the person involved with the animal is appropriate then she will suggest it and if she feels that flower essences will support the energy work then she will offer these as well.

Pam uses mostly a combination of Reiki and Angelic Reiki and works with the chakra system. She's a channel for the energy and passes it on to the animal through her hands, even if she's not touching. The healing energy goes where-ever it’s needed and always works for the highest good of the animal receiving it. Every session and every animal are different and the amount of sessions needed varies with the problem and animal.

If Pam is unable to be physically present with your animal, she may be able to send distance healing..

australian bush flower essences for animalsaustralian bush flower essences for animals

Flower Essences for Animals

The range of animal problems that can be helped by flower essences is endless and covers chronic, acute, physical and emotional conditions as well as behavioural issues. Pam often supplies essences to be used after a healing treatment, or essences can be used without a treatment. For example when a new animal is introduced into the household essences can help all animals and people settle together. Pam has even used them very successfully for a dog with lick sores.

Dowsing for essences works particularly well for animals and can be quite illuminating as to where the root of the problem lies. As explained here Dowsing for Flower Essences.

As with people it may take several treatments over a period of time for an animal to achieve healing and depending on the problem, treatment may involve the people living with the animal as well.

Pam is not a vet, and her healng is not intended as a replacement for veterinary medicine, however she can work alongside veterinary treatment to support it.

Clients often find healing can be helpful at those times when the vet can do no more, has no idea what the problem is, or for those health problems that keep on recurring.

The information on this site is not intended, or implied, to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Flower Essence and Energy Healing

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